Movement Analyst Method

The Movement Analyst Method is a unified and embodied approach to wellbeing, performance and physical fitness. Through experiential learning we discover the value of our innate physical intelligence. 

​Improvements in physical parameters such as balance, agility, strength, flexibility and reduced pain and discomfort are all inevitable outcomes of this method. However, the work also touches us much more deeply. Calming the nervous system to optimise new learning, showing you how to utilise the resources your body has in abundance to shift your thoughts and perceptions about yourself.


The Method is designed to be generic in it's starting point by bringing our attention to the natural laws of the environment within which we all move, breathe and exist. This enables everybody regardless of age, health status or experience to access the work and begin the journey of deepening self discovery. It’s a simple place to start, trustworthy, reliable.

From here we begin defining, exploring and refining key human movement skills. Claire has simplified and distilled these in such a way that they become the coordinates that you can rely on as being present in every moment no matter what your body is doing. You build an intelligent movement skills toolkit, which actively develops the relationship between your interior world and the outside world. In fact they become a seamless expression, one nourishing and informing the other. 

The Method has a particular emphasis on developing a relationship with our bones which enables them to consciously become a resource for resilience and vitality. From here the bones naturally lead us to all the other body systems, as such we uncover the interconnectedness and this brings about an embodied sense of wholeness and unity.  

This method enables you to be both the student and the subject matter, through this feedback loop you meet yourself, with yourself and tap into self regulation, self empowerment and a deepening trust of your own biological optimism.

The applications of this work are almost limitless. The method can be extremely gentle and foundational, with tiny subtle gestures but it can also evolve into a really dynamic, physical practice which leads to an evolution in your capacity to move in more sophisticated, complex ways. This is because the natural laws which sit beneath the method are unchanging and in perfect alignment with the natural laws of our planet. Once we understand that we are not separate from or exceptional to these laws we become a harmonious participant. Letting go of the struggle, frustration and willpower to overcome what is actually there to guide and inform us. 


Many people are already benefiting from this approach. Including those participating in or teaching Yoga, Pilates, Dance, Alexander Technique, Sports, CrossFit, Doctors, Therapists, Massage and Musculoskeletal Therapists, Chiropractors, Physiotherapists. As well as those who have never done any formal exercise or training. 

​For those of you who are already teaching movement or fitness, you will find this method expands and deepens your understanding of how to "read" the bodies you are working with and become more creative and confident with your verbal and hands on queueing. How to be more creative with constructing class plans and developmental programs. Claire has a particular gift of mentoring teachers and helping them find their unique voice which must develop beyond any training or qualification. Please get in touch if you feel you would like help with this.

Regardless of your previous training or experience, I recommend that you begin at the beginning, as the Method is clearly revealed from these foundations. 

You can access the work in person through Private and Group Sessions. Through the online library (live and pre-recorded)

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Thank you

Claire Pier

Movement Analyst