6 Week Mentorship Program for Pilates Teachers

Mentorship Program for Pilates Teachers

I have been asked by several Pilates Teachers over the last few months, so at last I am excited to announce the first

Movement Analyst Method Mentorship Program for Teachers of Pilates.

This is suitable for any already qualified or nearly qualified teachers who are looking to expand their knowledge/confidence on the art of teaching, to be thoroughly inspired with fresh ideas. I will take you through the fundamentals of the Movement Analyst Method. Which blends beautifully with Pilates repertoire. Enabling you to look at familiar repertoire with completely fresh eyes.

The 6 week program will take place via Zoom. You will round out your teaching and more effectively serve your clients. It doesn't matter if you are teaching remedial/modified repertoire or all the way up to classical repertoire.

As well as expanding your movement vocabulary beyond that which is covered in your training. I will provide you with additional personal tools with which to develop your teaching skills . Online teaching is here to stay. Translating your business into an online format whilst providing the highest quality of teaching is vital. I am here to help you find your way.

I have 30 years of Movement Teaching experience. I've worked with world class, Olympic athletes, as well as clients with serious health and medical conditions. I have been a self employed movement teacher (studio owner and freelance) for 15 years, running my business alongside mothering my children. The Movement Analyst Method is the culmination of this knowledge, wisdom and experience, deliverered with clarity and simplicity

This is a really special bespoke mentorship program. We will dive in as a small group (10 teachers) to uncover the ways in which you can unlock your personal potential and empower yourself to see yourself with fresh insight. We will set up a closed Whatsapp Group to facilitate communication, questions and the sharing of ideas, in between sessions.

You will be supported in safety to explore your own style and develop your own voice. Teaching can be a lonely, confusing and challenging job at times. Gathering in supportive community in this way, is an opportunity to connect with a network of likeminded people. Try out new ideas and experiences, to laugh and to cry and to breathe a sigh of relief! To feel fully inspired with fresh ideas and to go try them out with your clients.

The mentorship program will be the precursor to a new Certification Program coming in 2021. Where I will be training and certifying the first ever group of teachers in the Movement Analyst Method.

By jumping in here, you could become be one of the first generation teachers of this Method.

Please contact me HERE to apply for this mentorship program. We will be commencing on 5 November 2020. 

I look forward to working alongside you, supporting you to blossom.

Claire Pier

Founder of The Movement Analyst Method

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