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Lockdown Live and Pre-Recorded Classes


All the classes in this channel are pre-recorded or live Zoom classes taught throughout the 2020 - 2021 lockdown.

Classes cover many aspects of physical and emotional well-being. Providing you with a well-rounded resource to explore your movement and breath as a resource for your own vitality. 

A description and equipment list make it easy to select the style of class you feel like following.


Each class is designed for home practice.

Fundamentals Series


Fundamentals is a selection of video classes which are educational, therapeutic, nurturing and easy to follow. If you are looking for a way to take care of your body and mind, whilst learning through the sound principles of the Movement Analyst Method, then these classes will offer you a variety of ways to enjoy moving your body whilst bringing your anatomy to life.


The classes are designed in a way that they refine and improve how you move. This spills over into your day to day life. Meaning, better awareness of how you move therefore restoring comfort and freedom of movement. The key to this method is restoring efficiency and reducing muscular strain and stiffness in your joints. We are led to believe that we must "work hard to gain results" but actually it is not what you do but the way that you do it and why, that makes all the difference. This series is an introduction to a much more comprehensive body of work. This library will be added to regularly, so please check back in often to continue your learning journey.

These classes can be followed in any order.

Bone Health and Menopause


This selection of classes focuses on stimulating your bone strength and improving the quality of your bone tissue matrix. As well as offering you a method to restore your alignment into safe, biologically optimistic weight bearing posture. The priority here is to encourage a harmonious cooperation of all body parts through simple movement processes which bring you back to movement as nature intended. Reducing compensatory habits which lead to wear and tear, as well as tissue inflammation and degeneration.


These classes are suitable for men and women of all ages. However, they may be particularly beneficial for women who are peri-menopausal or post menopausal, due to the increased incidence of osteoporosis in this phase of life. The right kind of movement stimulation produces a response through the entire skeletal system fortifying the bones. More than this though, we learn ways to direct movement from our bones and create purposeful directed interactions with surfaces like the floor, walls and chairs to improve efficiency of movement as well as redefining our bones as a source of vitality.


This is a highly intelligent approach which Claire has cultivated as a reflection of her comprehensive training with Ruthy Alon PhD the founder of The Bones for Life Movement Intelligence Training. Claire is a certified Bones for Life Practitioner. She completed her training in 2010 with Ruthy Alon which was a life changing experience. She has been inspiring all of her clients to care for their bones through wonderful movement processes ever since. 

Claire highly recommends that you listen to the tutorial entitled "Bones a source of vitality and resilience" to better understand the rationale for the movement classes in this library. After this, the classes can be followed in any order.

Free Your Spine


Back pain affects 8 out of 10 people in the UK (according to the latest NHS statistics) As an expert in Human Movement Intelligence, In my experience, most incidents of back pain come from the following reasons:


You may have a limited understanding of your spine, how to care for it, which could lead to poor movement habits. Repetitive postural expressions which place excessive compressive load through certain spinal regions. A lack of awareness of the effects of gravity which acts on the spine at all times.  Poor breath patterns, stress, being "in your head" and not "in your body" throughout the day. Of course there can be congenital conditions, illnesses, accidents which all play a part too.


 No matter what the cause for your back pain, it is vital that you become confident to learn how to care for your own spine. Maintenance of your spine is one of the top priorities for a human. Even above getting fit, As you are only as fit as your spine anyway! Think about that for a moment! Few things stop you in your tracks and derail your life as quickly as an episode of excruciating back pain which is psychologically as well as physiologically debilitating, never mind being inconvenient. 

The videos selected below allow you to bring the anatomy of your spine to life through gentle movement processes. The priority is to enhanced the cooperation of the relationship between the different regions of your spine but also how the rest of your body relates to your spine. These classes can be approached as a form of human movement education. As a rehabilitation tool. As a pre-habilitation practice. As a way of caring for your future self! As a way of calming a stressed out nervous system.  Above all, this is Movement Intelligence Training.


Our body language is a powerful kind of language. A person who expresses a healthy freely moving spine is conveying a youthful, balanced, open, optimistic and capable expression. Whether you realise it or not, the majority of your communication with life and all of the people in it, is through non-verbal means. So getting your spine in good working order to be fit for life, not only enhances your quality of life, the relationships in it,  but it also saves in the long run thousands of pounds in your pocket. As you no longer need to pay other people to fix you, do jobs that you are not capable of doing, etc.etc.etc. 

This library will be added to regularly, so please check back often to continue your Movement Intelligence education.